Artists Agency should build smashing artistic talent as a target

  [Delicate gas is to create a network environment ③] Author: 上海油压论坛 Jiarui if from the beginning of the 21st Century "Super Girl" since the beginning, fans instead of "groupies" title, the entertainment has been active in China for nearly two decades, star performers "pink Star" between the fans and experienced SMS, multiple iterations portals, social media, artificial intelligence and other media technologies.

But contrary to this is that the "star pink relationship" and the whole industry Idol "throwback" trend intensified, the most prominent extreme "spoiled" type of family culture. This quasi-intimacy imaginative harmony has a positive side, but after a doping irrationality and economic interests often sour.

For example, a talent show for the fans Trainee crazy consumption, investment and fund-raising to fight; some of the star performers character is cured, life 上海水墨会所 is containment, social directed, and artists willing to receive such a fan of "Love kidnapping" for pet powder; an idol when collapsed house ( "rice circle" term for idols appear negative news), the fans blindly partial to them, every possible excuse, with critics torn mutual hate each other, and constantly refresh the misdeeds of artists accepted limit.

There are some fans joked, before acting or suck affair was exposed belong collapsed house, now home to the humble "love beans" do not appear in the legal news just fine.

  Indeed, this pampered pet each other and tear each other behind the abuse of wind fans a reason of mental personality imperfect, there are encouraging capital, "the network big V" fans and the organization.

But as a broker (company) management operations artist, they assume more direct responsibility. We found that for public opinion crisis emerging artists, engaged in a round of onlookers social eat melon, debate the authenticity of the process of moral condemnation and punishment of the law, but to reflect the brokerage industry’s self-reflection is always secretive, minced.

  Speech from "moonlighting" business in the 1980s, the 2013 "performance brokerage personnel management approach" official purposes, the show (artist) broker industry after years of development. During this period, technology upgrading, upgrading the industrial revolution, many artists brokerage is still a family with a strong color.

This is because the CAA belong to the production model is simple, light industry assets, in order to save costs and increase profits, a lot of artists brokerage firm (or front-line team) are small businesses and studios of architecture.

In addition, the performance artist specializing in the creation of the face of business cooperation and market transactions, there is a natural information gap and insecurity, and as a self-employed artists are often at a disadvantage when the economy rights, so they are more willing to rely on empiricism and relatives to be determined on a reliable broker, the broker is a lot of artists relatives, close friends.

In addition, the actors resort to work more emotional interaction, and the social characteristics of human showbiz obviously, brokerage team and artists live down the long-term, it is likely to develop into a patriarchal or family-oriented management style. This management approach improves communication efficiency and cohesion, but there are obvious drawbacks, especially for the lack of supervision and training of artists, their tolerance for error is too high, too low, error correction and reflection and awareness.

  This family-owned enterprise culture and extends to the outside broker "star pink relationship" business.

Brokers led the fans around the artist to create a "fans only visible" purity and intimacy, creates a bi-sweet pet, hold together for warmth closed-loop, unconditionally, No nurtured artists idol, and even with external "tear" to strengthen large family "love."

Brokerage firms also use this "sweet to snore" and "Star powder relations," the lot of promotion and marketing, crisis public relations work in conjunction with risk onto the "Data worker" – fans. Moreover, some brokers like to see their own artists was also stripped of black material caused fans to tear each other – the stream top entertainer collapsed housing is incidentally a wave of publicity, "small coffee paste" the collapse of housing that is "C bits debut." Always wanted beneficiary while ignoring the potentially destructive irrational emotions and a lot of "powder off the back foot," the event, reflecting the industry inertia and speculation artists brokers.

  From a business function, artists brokers as a bridge between the actors, and the creation of a tripartite audience, but also the entire industry ecosystem of entertainment capillaries.

From the professionalism speaking, artists need to rely on a broker strategy skills, social skills and artistic accomplishment is to build the image of the artist, to create value.

But many artists brokerage and Xuanfa Gong Division keen to create "a step on a handful" of the "family circle rice culture" in order to reap the fans of "family" to earn quick money flow, proved that this industry is far from specialization and standardization Degree.

Industry self-regulation is poor, lack of professionalism output of artists, directly affects the artistic quality of film and television work and social benefits. Unfortunately, compared to the cusp of the artist, as a broker silent underwater iceberg, lively discussion mass star public events often ignore this hidden in a stage behind the scenes in the industry.

So far, the industry-specific legislation only "performance brokerage personnel management approach" and "senior broker performance management approach." The two "approach" is mainly made for the performance market brokerage work certain norms, but not down to the live performances, a variety of film and television obligations variety, music, short videos and live artists and other brokers should bear, in particular, the artist is the image of the media, 浦东曹路皖君足浴 culture and arts Germany "star pink relationship" in these key areas. How to build long-term, comprehensive industry governance, a problem to be solved. Today, more and more artists brokerage firm advocate of modern business management concepts and mechanisms, and gradually reached a consensus that acting was superb, spread positive energy acting talent is the company’s most valuable resource, smashing the artist is to create the ultimate goal. Mutual pet and tear each other’s culture that have died a respected concept of rational, intellectual and aesthetic judgment play relationship innovation is imperative.

  "Guangming Daily" (August 4, 2021 09 edition).