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Chief Editor 闵行水磨会所698 of Taotik PLA newspaper, chief editor of Lei Feng magazine. China is an Association Association, senior editing. In March 1969, I transferred into the PLA newspaper in April 1986, and I was a reporter, editor, editorial team leader, deputy director, director, "China National Defense News", "Global Military", "China Military" Editor-in-Chief, "Military Reporter", deputy chief editor-in-chief editor-in-chief editor, military strategic planning advisory committee, etc. It is committed to the study of human moral civilization. From the 1980s, it focuses on China’s Lei Feng culture phenomenon. He organized "Learning Lei Feng Retrospect and Prospect", "Lei Feng spirit and contemporary college students" "Lei Feng spirit and leading cadres" theoretical seminar In the Liberation Army, the PLA published more than 100 articles that promoted Lei Feng typical and study Lei Feng spirit.

The "98 Yangtze River Different Battle" and "Computer League" have won the "five one project" award in China’s spiritual civilization, "China Lei Feng phenomenon" (cooperative) 贵族宝贝花千坊 won the National Excellent Youth Reading Award, "The Group of the Jun" won the People’s Liberation Army New Works Award. "Tell you a true Lei Feng" written in 15 years, has been printed ten times, and is translated into English published in the UK. Opening "Lei Feng Lecture Hall", holding a special report will be more than 480 people.