Do a good job in the beginning of the real thing

Community is the frontier position of urban social governance, which is the basis of harmony and stability in urban society.

Fuquan City adheres to the actual actions of the party history to learn education into "I do practical things for the masses", establish a community "grid" management service model, implement flat, refined, highly efficient, full-coven-covered community management and Service 上海水磨实体店 makes community management more scientifically.

The party construction leads are the main line, and innovative governance is fundamental. In recent years, the "Sanlian Three Three Universities" in Fuquan City, Fuquan City Jinshan Street, in accordance with the "implementation of the whole street, the whole street" goal, adhere to the party’s political leading as the core, to serve the residents of the jurisdiction, form a The street is bound to a community, a community, a small area of ??the "three one" city grassroots party construction mode, continuously improve the resident living environment, enhance the masses’ sense, happiness and sense of security.

"In the past, these motorcycles were messy, chaos, now all planned, there is a regular, there is a home, look 上海虹口品茶 comfortable …" Recent, the reporter was sprinkled in the Jinshan Street In an interview in the riverside community, the 57-year-old Song Shishi Lan Lan, who lived on the Golden River, talked about the changes in the community in these years, can’t help but praise. Since the beginning of this year, the Ticked Community Network has helped address 385 difficulties in the community governance, collecting 168 people in disregards, 121 community processing, and pushing 47 pieces of functional departments.

In the Hanlin Community in Jinshan Street, in order to make the living environment of the residents more comfortable and happy, the Community Party General Support in the jurisdiction, the enterprise raises funds, and the residents of the community have built motorcycle parking sheds, charging piles, configures lounge 上海干磨群 seat, fitness equipment, etc. .

In addition, the community has also opened the cafeteria, providing convenience for elderly over 60 years old, and coordinating a caring enterprise, making a subsidy for the elderly.

The infrastructure is perfect, the green environment is good, the service capacity is improved … The residents of the community laugh on the face, music is in the heart.

Hui Guying, Hanlin Community, Janlin, Hanlin Community, Hanlin Xueyuan Community, said: "Now the appearance of the community has changed, it is clean, everyone’s mood is comfortable, we are here chess, fitness, walk, sing, dancing, live here, I am very satisfied here. .

"There is no foundation, which is more solid ratio of the people; no power, more powerful than the masses.

Looking back at the History of the People’s Republic of China, it is because our party has opened the people, serving the people, relying on the people, and has won the heartfelt support and resolute support of the people. Since the study of the education, medical, employment, etc. 44 key people’s livelihood projects such as pension and rule of law construction, grabbing first level, grasp the implementation, a "guarantee network" for the people of the masses to continue to be woven.

Party members and cadres at all levels are constantly close to the flesh and blood of the people, constantly strengthen the public servant awareness and the people’s feelings, and transform the results of the party history education into real things for the masses, solve the problem. Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.