China Construction Bank more than 150,000 grassroots party organizations move "class" to the line

In order to integrate the "two learning and one" learning education into the daily, the construction bank carefully creates multi-channel, multi-load, all-round, three-dimensional learning class, moving "two students" classroom to the line, move into the red education base . At present, the construction of a bank has more than 10,000 grassroots party organizations, and more than 200,000 party members are promoting transformation development by active learning and active practice. In the process of studying education, CCB is using a wide variety of online carriers, and practically grasps the study.

The electronic communication screen of CCB, Silver Trent, WeChat platform and other carriers have regularly published "two learning and one" learning education information.

In August, the General Office of the CCB organized the "two studies and one" party class competition, and the 73 pieces recommended by the 30 units were evaluated, 静安区419spa 24 works were awarded, effectively stimulated the subject’s consciousness of party members, and promoted excellent students.

Hebei Branch created a "micro-party class", push grassroots branch according to the sector production courseware; establish "WeChat Group", "Line School" and "Line School" Organic Combination; Jiangsu Changzhou Branch Construction "Party Member E Home", Explore "Internet + Party Construction "Management Mode … It is an efficient and fast" online classroom "to learn all over the grassroots party organization. In order to make the content of learning education more vivid, CCB has insisted on moving the "two learning" classroom into the red educational base.

CCB held a senior training class at the Jinggangshan 上海大型水疗会所 Cadre College Party’s Party Secretary Party Sexual Education. Through the field visit, the students have further strengthened the ideal beliefs; holding the person in charge of the 8th grassroots party organization, the grassroots party work backbones "two learning" learning education Training class, accumulated more than 480 people, the scope covers more than 230 grassroots party organizations; Zhejiang Branch launched a "A large" road experience in the "CCP" road experience teaching project, guide students to feel "Red Boat" in the history of the party Connotation … It is this vivid "red class", incentive to promote the red tradition and dare to pioneer. Wang Hongzhang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the construction bank, said that it is necessary to enhance the capacity of service national construction capacity, prevent financial risk capabilities, participate in international competitiveness, and complete the development strategic goal of implementing transformation and development, to achieve the development of financial risk capabilities, prevent financial risk capabilities, participate in international competitiveness. The Central State Council gave the responsibility of the construction bank, as the main ruler of the results of the "two studies" learning education results.

CCB party members continue to upgrade the service body. For a while, CCB promoted the "Party’s Responsibility Zone" and other activities such as "Party Affairs Pioneer", carrying out labor competitions and quality service brands, customer satisfaction windows, etc. in more than 10 business lines, enabling the majority of party members to transform, and do business. At present, CCB has established a large number of people responsible districts, a demonstration window, and the party members’ first ponggang, a model of more than 10,000.

In addition, CCB has also taken advantage of social people’s livelihood, and vigorously supports education modernization, "Internet + medical" transformation, helping more than 19 million families to achieve "living in peace dream", and issued more than 90 million financial social security cards. According to statistics, the construction bank customer satisfaction is higher than the average level of peer. Wang Hongzhang said that the CCB’s party members and cadres should translate the "two studies" to learn and education results into the kinetic energy of the reform and innovation, and the proposition of the development of development, good for the reform and innovation, playing should have a role in their own position, strive for upstream The rushing, grabbing the iron, and the tenacity of good fortune, steadily, and promote the development of transformation.