Entering the village to see Xiaokang to stay in the mountains, protect the green water, keep the Pin Tower "Ecological Style" has this active

  Autumn Division, painting rural areas.

In the fruit tree planting base in Baita Village, Xizu Town, Yixing City, the villagers are busy picking the fruit, a peaks of a fruit fragrance. Looking at the Baita Village in front of you, it is hard to imagine that it is an economic weak village. Today, as the "National Ecological Cultural Village", Baita Village is based on local conditions, scientifically positioning, focusing on the development of rural tourism industries, modern ecological agriculture, and achieving poverty reduction.

  "This is beneficial to Baita Village in the process of beautiful rural construction, and three business cards, pastoral scenery, and ecological style.

"Ouyang Hua, secretary of the Bai Tao Village Party, said. Creating" white tower taste ", let the" native flavor "have a nourishered taste when she first took the village secretary, looked at the folks to struggle at the temperature and satiety, Ouyang Hua Xin is very Taste, "must see a way out, let the folks have a hope, live a good day.

"He is determined to make the villagers’ pockets" drum ".

  Ouyang Hua said: "The land is the largest stage to get rich in farmers, so we have to step on the land.

"After he was out 上海逍遥网 of examination, decided to plant the first project of the deposit of Nan Tianzhu as Baita Village, led the party members and cadres in the village to demonstrate planting.

  "Follow the secretary, you are right!" Wang Zhiping, the villager Wang Zhiping also began to plant Nan Tianzhu. The first year’s income reached more than 70,000 yuan, and the couple didn’t fall asleep overnight.

  Seeing the Nantian bamboo industry brings good economic benefits, the villagers have added.

Xiao Xiao Nan Tianzhu, has now become a "golden industry" that Baita Village is getting rich, and the planting area has reached more than 5,000 mu, and the number of yield value can be up to 50,000 yuan. "This year, the price of Nan Tianzhu is the highest peak in the past ten years. It has more than 100 上海女士征婚网 acres of farmers, and the annual revenue is close to 5 million." Ouyang Hua said happily. In addition to Nan Tianzhu, Baita Village has also established a white, sakura, seedlings, pollution-free rice, specialty melon, quality tea and other agricultural demonstration bases.

In 2018, Baita Village took the lead in organizing a new media studio, broadening the sales channels of local specialty through new media platforms such as hanging, letting "white tower taste" series of specialty agricultural products embark on "Cloud Sales" platform. Ouyang Hua also personally got a live broadcast of goods, helping farmers and merchants, using the "Internet + big data" to drive economic development, have got a lot of "fans" and mole commented tourists.

  Carefully excavate the local resources, let the "idyllic scenery" overlook Baita Village, although the geographical location is remote, but adjacent to the cloud lake scenery, the mountain clear water show, with unique natural ecological advantages, many attractions and tourism resorts have settled here. In these years, the village has built a group of "delicious, canable, experienced" high-end boutique specializes, and also established rural tourism professional cooperatives, adhering to the development of "one village one product", forming a sightseeing agriculture industry chain, achieving collective With the individual "win-win".

  "In the past few years, our village has been a year, five years have changed." The villagers said, "Every household house covers the building, the wallet also drums, which losses our good secretary leads everyone to get rich together.

"At the same time of the industry, do not forget the ecological environment protection," I want to care for the eyes like love "- this is the consensus of the treastern.

The treasters know that the most precious resources in the village are ecology, the ecology is not good, the people outside the village can’t lead, the people in the village can’t stay.

  In the process of rural construction, Ouyang Hua and villagers adhere to the development of "green mountains, Jinshan Yinshan" as the development concept of Baita Village, and always adhere to the development requirements of Qingshan, protect green water, and keep the soil. Together, the construction of the ecological agriculture, the natural environment, and the cultural heritage, so that the original poor village is gorgeous, becoming a steady economy, the environment is increasingly beautiful, and the cultural unique is beautiful.

  Beautiful countryside is not only beautiful in the environment, but also more beautiful.

Baita Village relies on modern high-efficiency agriculture and rural tourism two pillar industries. Talking about the future, Ouyang Hua is full, he said: "The future beautiful rural construction will be a garden in front of the family, the backyard has a vegetable garden, build beautiful villages into parks, mobile phone just a shot, is a flower grass and villagers The happy smile on the face. "Copyright: Xu Xinmei Sha Fangrui Jiang Tianyi shooting: Tang Yang Gui Navi editor: Guo Yihang.