Beijing Enterprise Listed Cultivation Base is listed to build a group of industrial leading companies

People’s Daily Online December 7 (Li Bo) on the 24th Beijing-Hong Kong Fair, Beijing-Hong Kong Financial Cooperation Forum held on December 6, Beijing enterprises listed in the market, will provide reforms in Beijing, road performance, Investment financing docking, counseling listing and interactive communication services. In order to implement the "Opinions on Further Supporting Enterprise Listing Development", better use multi-level capital markets, increase our efforts to develop, and continue to make strong solid economies, and fully promote the high-quality development of the capital, according to Beijing The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on increasing the development of listed companies, Beijing has established "enterprises listed cultivation base". According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Financial Regulatory Board Enthusiasm. The base will focus on the development of the listing of the listed backup, and take into account the standardization counseling of SMEs. SMEs will continue to optimize their own management system and operational mechanisms, and make full use of various market resources to seek development, consolidate the company’s listing, and insist on short-term effects and long-term The combination of development, do a good job in the laundry team, and implement rolling.

According to the goal, Beijing Enterprise Listening Cultivation Base will screen the listing of the listings, the business performance is better, the growth rate is faster, the growth potential, and the development potential is increasing, through the implementation of cultivation measures, strive to achieve Beijing During the "14th Five-Year Plan" The sum of the quantity of the listed company and the listing company (can publicly issued a stock, the new three board selection of new three board selection of continuous bidding transactions).

Specifically, Beijing Enterprise Listed Cultivation Base will carefully arrange company listed cultivation activities, carry out joint visits, discussions, training salons, etc., provide specialization, precision guidance and support for enterprises, and promote business accelerating the capital market Actively promote enterprises to speed up the pace of listing. Beijing Enterprises will also help companies broaden financing channels, make full use of the basic communication and convenience of communication, and actively carry out bond financing products promotion, training, support financial institutions to participate in various bonds and financing products innovation, and promote eligible companies. Innovative financing varieties of issued company debt, asset support securities, green debt, innovative ventiancies and poverteration pilots, pilot the infrastructure public collection REITS, broaden the corporate financing channels, and reduce financing costs.

In addition, Beijing Enterprises listed cultivation bases also provide enterprises with full-time, precision, specialization, integrated services, including public services, creditor equity financing services, listing services, intellectual services, data services, follow-up services, etc. The service housekeeper 爱上海龙凤贵族 "mechanism, timely master development and listing progress; promote industrial development, Beijing enterprises will support and promote sales financing of technology, culture and other industrial enterprises, support listed companies refinancing and acquiring restructuring, cultivate a group of international Domestic industry leading enterprises, optimizing industrial structure, and promoting industrial development. 上海后花园私人会所 After investigation, the Beijing Business Club will be transformed into Beijing enterprises listed in the market. Under the supervision and guidance of the Beijing Financial Regulatory Authority, Beijing Financial Development Service Co., Ltd. will be specifically responsible for cultivating base operations. According to statistics, as of the end of November 2021, 910 listed companies in Beijing (144 innovation layers, 766 basic layers), accumulated financing billion (accounting for national).

There are 422 listed companies in the city (including 12 selected layers), the first financing billions, 317 listed companies (including repeated listing), the first financing billion yuan.

In 2021, 45 new domestic listed companies were added, and 27 listed companies in foreign countries.

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