Clear garbage in vivo

  How to clear the body’s garbage, especially how to avoid cumulatory toxins in the liver and intestines? Russian rectacoologist, tumor expert Ye Lian Na Sikova said that this is one of her patients most interested in problems. Many people don’t consult a doctor in advance, began to enema, smashed, taking diuretics and laxatives. There will be a light feeling after cleaning your body, which is often 上海喝茶论坛 seen as a good effect.

However, Ye Lian Na Silnova pointed out that these practices may lead to adverse consequences, as this will reduce intestinal peristalsis, resulting in calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals, so that the nervous system is damaged, and other diseases can also cause other diseases. Simlova believes: "All enemas, eating laxatives are urgent measures, can’t solve the main problems. I am going to clear all the intestines. Want to know the replacement of garbage in the body? It is correct diet, eat enough fruit and vegetables and lean meat High quality protein such as fish.

If you eat very well, there is a constipation problem, then ask the doctor what is why.

(Source: Russian Satellite Communications Complete: This newspaper is stationed in Russia’s reporter Dong 爱上海贵族宝贝419 Yizhen).