Come to my house, take you to look at the grassland

  China Tibet Network News deep autumn grassland, golden autumn grass mandrels are wild, the original forest of the ink is, the Dingchenghe and the provincial road 459 lines, the distance is hung, Zai La Mountain, charge this Lazhan and Ginger Snow covered in the whole year.

The picture shows the photography of Gemu: Chengjiang Haoyue Batang County 闵行区419会所电话 is the hometown of Quatherase. After graduating from the Southwest University of National University, she returned to the county town in the west end of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. In this case, I don’t feel the year, and the song is here to have my own small family and career.

The busy work, leisurely in the Graphia, let her feel good.

The picture shows the song of the song, the clear blue river flows. The melodious animal husbandry was passed. The picture shows the freedom of Tune in Gehmato. Photography: Chengjiang Haoyue Learn, in the original forest, growing almost all plant stripes from warm bands to subchronous belt, all kinds of plant species are alone in forest, and they will be mixed.

A wide variety of plant communities, becoming a natural paradise of wild animals, 上海外卖工作室vx slam, black bear, horse bear, snow leopard, Tibetan hood, rock, white phenomena, green tail, slam, deer, monkey, wild boar, etc. More than 400 kinds of animals Perching this. The picture shows the song of the song, the Pecusa Player Photography: Chengjiang Yue Yue 2020, the Graphie was rated as "Top Ten Most Beautiful Grassland" in Sichuan Province, and the first batch of 39 National Grassland Natural Park Pilot Construction Projects was selected.

It is reported that the National Grassland Natural Park is an important part of the natural protection of the national park as the main body. It is an important part of ecological civilization and beautiful China. It is an important starting point for rural revitalization.

This makes the road to the green development of the hometown.

The picture 上海水磨干磨价格 shows the songs of the songs, the gaze, the Gray Prairie Photography: Chengjiang Haoyue (China Tibet Network reporter / Li Yuanmei).