Chengdu issued the country’s first ozone pollution heavy weather emergency plan

  As the weather is more inflammatory, the ozone concentration in the atmosphere is also quietly rising.

It "lurking" behind the blue sky and white clouds have replaced the primary pollutants in the 新上海后花园 summer. How should I prevent treatment of ozone pollution? Chengdu took the lead in the leading exploration of ozone prevention and control in the country. The reporter learned from the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau on July 6 that in order to further improve the emergency rate of the city, the frequency and pollution level of ozone massage is reduced, and Chengdu is officially issued "Chengdu’s ozone compression and weather emergency plan (2021 edition)" (Hereinafter referred to as "plan").

It is reported that this is the first national emergency plan specifically developed by the ozone of ozone. The "Plan" grading standard uses the IAQI (O3) (Ozone Index) for the early warning launch indicator, divided into yellow warning, orange warning, red warning, three levels from low to high.

At the same time, according to the analysis of the air quality and regional prediction analysis of various districts (city) counties, the subregional issuance of heavy pollution weather warning information is added, and the partition classification control is added.

  The warning is divided into three grades, according to the actual improvement of emergency response levels, Sichuan Pollution Prevention and Control Battle Leading Group Office has issued an ozone pollution warning multiple times; Chengdu introduced "Chengdu 2021 Summer Ozone Pollution Prevention Action Program", and 4 in 4 On the 19th, ozone pollution enhancement control measures were officially launched. "In advance prevention, from January 1 to June 15 this year, the city’s ozone concentration is 161 micrograms / cubic meters, which fell by year from last year.

But we still have to maintain high pressure, strengthen the ozone emergency control measures in the summer and autumn high temperature period, and continue to improve the air quality of the city.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau said.

  The "Plan" clarifies the division of the three warning levels. Among them, the yellow warning standard is predicted for IAQi (O3) greater than 150 (moderate pollution) will last for 3 days and more; orange warning standards are predicted IAQi (O3) greater than 150 (moderate pollution) will last 4 days and more, and IAQI (O3) greater than 200 (severe pollution) will last for 1 or more; red warning standards are predicted for IAQi (O3) greater than 200 (severe pollution) will last for 3 days and more.

  The corresponding emergency response is divided into three grades of grade III, II, grade I, corresponding to yellow, orange, red warning. In major meetings, during major events, according to the air quality assurance, the emergency response level can be improved by the municipal government.

Emergency response includes health protection guidance, initiative and mandatory reduction measures.

It is to be specifically described that in the case of emergency issuance of heavy pollution weather warning information, the warning (qi) oil truck is not taken on the same day.

  As the level rises in response to key control areas and expand the scope of mandatory emission reduction measures specific to the response, reporters comb "plan" to see, during the implementation stage Ⅲ response (yellow warning), the central city built-up area daily 8:00 to 18 points, stop home improvement, construction work on construction sites outdoor spray paint and other emissions of volatile organic compounds; stop corrosion municipal facilities and bridge maintenance, large commercial building renovation, facade renovation, waterproofing work, asphalt paving roads, sidewalks fence, road traffic fences, road marking and labeling and advertising of painting or renovation work (except for the green benchmark for the site and emergency rescue works).

  Center City built-up area, daily 20:00 – 8:00 the next day, prohibited the construction site earthwork operations (including excavation, backfill, the venue of luck), building demolition, construction of roads and supporting the pipe trench excavation; construction site State ⅱ and less fuel (gas) oil disabling non-road mobile machinery (emergency rescue and engineering work, as well as the introduction of new energy sources except non-road mobile machinery operations); prohibition of construction waste (including construction dregs) transport vehicles, ready-mixed concrete transport vehicles, ready-mixed mortar transportation vehicles (except national emission standards ⅵ and more vehicles and new energy vehicles) pass; 24 hours a day, ban asphalt mixing vehicles (ⅵ national emission standards and more vehicles and new energy vehicles, and supporting asphalt smoke and other volatile organic compounds except the collection system and purification devices) traffic; ban auto repair business to carry out spraying operations (except green sheet spray repair business) within the city, prohibiting open-air barbecue, open burning; stop urban street trees, parks landscaping, green lawn trim (trim), fertilization and pesticide spraying operations; the inclusion of limited production, involving volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides emissions from industrial enterprises, need to follow the summer ozone pollution control inventory strict warning list and related emissions management and control required to perform limited production, emission reduction measures; phase out backward production capacity included in the annual plan involving volatile organic compounds, equipment (production lines) of all nitrogen oxide emissions disabled (shutdown).

  "Plan" shows that during the implementation stage Ⅱ response (orange alert), mainly on the basis of level Ⅲ response (yellow warning) mandatory emission reduction measures, we will extend key control areas to urban centers, suburbs built-up area. And during the implementation stage Ⅰ response (red alert), mandatory emission reduction measures will be fully expanded to a citywide.

  How do emissions of ozone pollution prevention and control? Enterprises to strengthen supervision at the source implementation of differentiated precision control emissions, according to the ecological environment of Chengdu Bureau, responsible person, "plan" the precise emission reduction as the overall direction of ozone pollution prevention and control, scientific refinement of the emergency measures to reduce emissions. First, based on air pollution has fluidity characteristics of regional pollution, ecological environment department will conduct joint meteorological and air quality forecasting ozone pollution analysis judged the situation, strengthen the next 5 to 7 days and 3 days and long-term forecasts accurate forecast, to grasp the weather conditions and ozone pollution trends, 24-hour advance warning from start-up information, timely start heavy pollution weather warning.

  Secondly, the "plan" to strengthen supervision at the source, accurate pollution.

The ozone creation potential higher species involved in related industries and enterprises, the park as a key control object, scientific guidance, precise Shi policy, normalization of supervision and inspection and monitoring and evaluation tools, strengthen involving gas major polluting units, high-emission diesel truck and non-road mobile machinery, involving regulation of VOCs emissions from the construction site work.

"Preliminary, our industrial enterprises, automotive industries and enterprises, construction sites, gas stations (storage tanks) and other industries, developed a classification of" Chengdu 2021 summer ozone prevention and control actions this book ", distributed to the relevant industries and enterprises to further strengthen the main responsibility for the implementation of environmental protection, to guide the community participation and supervision according to law and orderly ozone pollution prevention, laid the foundation for the various control measures carried out.

"The official said. In addition, the" plan "also highlights the differences in management and control, and promote the development of green enterprises in key industries.

Green business models, benchmarking site green, green sheet spray repair business, green benchmark for the implementation of gas stations differentiated, precise management and control, strict supervision according to law, not to engage in "one size fits all", to minimize disturbance to normal production, overall economy stable and healthy development of social and win the battle of the sky key tasks to promote a high quality industrial transformation and economic development.

  Individuals to reduce motor vehicle on the road to avoid the high temperature period open-air parking Clean air is our common pursuit of ozone pollution prevention and control you need me to participate.

As a rule by the whole society to share Jincheng blue sky, good atmosphere, "plan" also made a number of advocacy initiatives, for example, choose to advocate private car underground parking, to avoid daytime high temperature period open-air parking; Public maximum use of public transport tools or electric vehicles, travel, etc., reduce vehicle on the road; turn off when parking in a timely manner, reducing vehicle idling time in situ; encouraging the public to come on at night; stop acts of civil emissions of volatile organic compounds decoration, painting and so on; avoid daytime high temperature period fertilization of crops, 上海高端茶群 spraying pesticides. "I hope that the main responsibility for the implementation of corporate, public practice green low-carbon behavior with friends, for our common response to ozone pollution, air quality scored more days." City environment Bureau official said. How good protection during the early-warning response? Try to stay indoors to avoid the high temperature period of outdoor activities is worth noting that, during the implementation stage Ⅲ response (yellow alert) and response grade Ⅱ (orange alert), the education sector needs to coordinate kindergartens, schools cancel outdoor activities, daytime high temperature period.

  In addition, during the ozone warning, also recommended for children, the elderly and respiratory, cardiovascular disease and other chronic disease patients are advised to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities daytime high 上海真如附近按摩 temperature period, do need to go out to try to take protective measures; reduce or avoid the general population daytime high temperature period of outdoor activities, daytime high temperatures shorten the working hours of outdoor time necessary protective measures; coordinate the health sector medical institutions appropriate additional outpatient emergency-related diseases, increasing the number of health care workers, to strengthen guidance and medical treatment for patients with respiratory diseases to protect the .

(Reporter Moumeng Yu Zhao Yunru drawing).