China National Petroleum Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Petroleum Psycho-Education Base

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Petroleological Base is located in Yumen Street, Xigu District, Lanzhou City, is part of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, China National Petroleum Group Co., Ltd..

In May 2016, on the original site of the Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Instrument Factory, the second construction company of Gansu Province, China Petroleum Group Co., Ltd., completed the construction of the earth construction, by Xi’an Yatong Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Hengyu, Shaanxi Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for designing 上海kb最新 and decorating construction.

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Petroleum Psycho-China, covers an area of ??4,500 square meters, the exhibition hall is 1905 square meters, the exhibition line is about 500 meters, the selection hall, the main exhibition area, the tail hall, a total of 12 parts. The pavilion is simple and elegant, showing Chen’s content, and has a strong industrial element and petrochemical cultural creative elements. There are 411 exhibitions in the museum, more than 1,000 precious historical photos, more than 500 real literature historical materials, more than 200 historical values, and more than 30 sculptures, scenes, sand tables and multimedia. The pavilion layout uses the timing as the main line, using the logical module Chenzong mode, real records Lancai, Lanhua and Lanzhou Petrochemical for more than 60 上海比较大的娱乐会所 years of hard entrepreneurship, the "Republic of China" and "New China Petrochemical Cradle" style, reproduce new The History of China ‘s Refining Chemical Industry.

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Petroleological Base is divided into 12 exhibition areas, is the sequence petrochemical soul, the first exhibition area is intimate care, the second exhibition area is glorious, the third exhibition area is a huge contribution, the fourth exhibition area reform and restructuring, the fifth exhibition area Zhenxiong wind, the sixth exhibition area science and technology, the seventh exhibition area management innovation, the eighth exhibition area, the soul education, the ninth exhibition area Harmony Huimin, the tenth exhibition area Honor and the tail Hall want to dream.

Chen Zhan content has a first-class version of the exhibition area and the secondary version of the secondary version of the secondary version. During the details of the literary statement and Chen Zhan, the focus is highlighted, the text picture is equilibrium, and the exhibition area is rich in Chenzhang method. Diversity, text, pictures, The form of physical, video, sculpture, scene reproduction, model, electronic dynamic simulation, etc. are integrated, the entire exhibition hall design style, no matter in shape, appearance, color and other external experience, still in vision, feelings, interaction, etc. , Fully entertained to the insequence, integration into the sense of the palace, from the content to the visiting.