From aid to the poems and distant people in the reserved Chen 上海龙凤网 people

  The picture shows the member of the Standing Committee of Chen Ye, Secretary of the Secretary of China, and Vice-President Ji Dima, said in a speech, this year is the 70th anniversary of Tibet, and the general secretary of Ji Ping travels to Tibet, and has been in Tibet in 70 years. The huge achievements made in the process are also hoped in the future development of Tibet.

Tibet has across the millennium, and it is inseparable from the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Chen Renjie as a party 上海水磨服务微信 member, full of heart, Tibet, struggled for thousands of days and nights on the plateau, inspired his poetry, and prompted him to feel the snowy plateau with the poet’s feelings. In the "Shanhai", Chen Renjie integrates all things on themselves, written on reality, praise the nature, and understanding the relationship between people and nature, and provides readers. Rich thinking and imagination space. Tibet Autonomous Region, Vice Chairman, Tibet, Chairman, Tibet, Tibet, said in a greeting, Chen Renjie is in a busy work, and his other spiritual world has always looked up to Tibet blue sky, the snowy area, from the mountain pasture, forest People who have worked hard to work hard, read the cheers and laughter of the plateau nationality, dreams and hopes.